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Are High Heels Really That Bad for My Feet?

Are High Heels Really That Bad for My Feet?

I frequently get asked this question by women that want to justify wearing high heels on a regular basis.  Many will complain that their feet hurt when wearing high heels, yet insist on wearing them regularly.

So the simple answer is “Yes,” high heels are bad for your feet and body.  This diagram summarizes some of the more common problems that can arise from wearing high heels regularly.

Now I know that high heels will not go away just because they are not a good shoe.  After all, high heels continue to be part of the everyday fashion for many women for a variety of reasons.  Following are some simple tips to try and minimize the bad effects of high heel shoes and keep you comfortable while wearing them.

Stretching and Regular Exercise

Stretching before and after wearing high heels will help with muscle tightness and tendonitis.  Exercise should focus on core muscle groups that will help with balance and posture.

Take a seat

If possible, sitting down every 20 minutes while wearing high heels will help to decrease pressure to the forefoot and allow the blood flow to that area to return to normal.  That will in turn aid in tissue repair and limit overuse type of injuries.

Customize and Cushion

Over the counter (OTC) or custom orthotics can help redistribute pressure or protect your foot from shoe irritation.

Correct Size Shoe

Many people wear a shoe that is too small for their foot, often based on what size they were many years ago.  The foot has a tendency to grow larger during your lifetime, especially after child bearing or if you are on your feet for long periods of time.

Many of the problems caused by high heels can be corrected, though that often necessitates surgery.  Limiting the wear of high heels can prevent some of the long term issues described in the diagram.

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